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Cox City brings entertainment to residents in select cities

Find the right cable company for your family with Get all the details about cable TV options both around the country and in your city so you can make a smart decision and get entertainment your family will love at the best price.

Cities with Cox Cable service

When you compare each cable company, availability is a major factor. Cox Cable has a much smaller operational area than larger companies such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable or DIRECTV. Be sure to get the details so you'll know if Cox is available in your town. Some markets that enjoy Cox service include:

  • Santa Barbara, California
  • Ocala, Florida
  • Topeka, Kansas
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Macon, Georgia
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cleveland, Ohio

Select other cities, plus areas surrounding those cities listed above can also receive Cox service. Check out some nearby towns by clicking below to learn more.

BurtonChardonConcord TownshipEast Orwell
HartsgroveMiddlefieldMontvilleNew Lyme
NewburyOakfieldOrwellRoaming Rock Shores
Roaming ShoresRoaming ShrsRomeThompson
W FarmingtonWest FarmingtonWindsorWindsor Mills

Nearly 3 million people living in these cities and others subscribe to digital cable from Cox. For having such a limited service area, Cox Cable is impressively the third largest cable company in the United States. Get some more details about the company, and see why so many people choose Cox. If it's not for you, check out information about other television choices in your area. Shop around until you find a cable TV company that exceeds your expectations.

Cox Cable's Trio Program Guide

Cox recently released a new on-screen guide to aid users in finding the programs they want to watch. Set your preferences and search for shows using a grid, list or favorites section. The Trio guide is easy to use, and helps you easily find what you're looking for. Don't spend time flipping through channels and missing any of the action, find shows sooner with Trio.

When you use Trio, you can search your recordings, On DEMAND, and currently on and upcoming live television programs. Helpful guides make watching TV even more enjoyable.

Cox Cable for businesses

If you're looking for entertainment for your office building, waiting room or sports bar, Cox could provide bundles to meet your needs. Check out all ranges of entertainment packages, from business TV to sports programming. Get Internet and voice service for your business from Cox Cable, as well. Internet is available for anywhere from 2-5 computers at your small business. Choose phone service with voice mail and unlimited local calling in your bundle.

Both your customers and employees will love having cable television at the business. When you add phone and Internet service from Cox, too, take the productivity of your employees up a notch. Reliable Internet and phone service is a must-have in today's technologically-advanced world. Improve your business with bundles from Cox Cable or another cable TV company.

Cox Cable's channel selection

Check for your favorite channels from Cox Cable. Get your local networks, plus sports and movie stations, and add premium channels for your ideal entertainment selection.

Cox Cable offers package additions that you can include in your subscription. These include the Latino Pak, the Variety Pak, the Sports & Info Pak, the Movie Pak and the Bonus Pak.

Find a television provider that delivers all of the cable channels that your family loves to watch. Enjoy all the cartoons, suspenseful crime-solving series, sports talk shows and movies you want. There are no limits to your home entertainment when you choose the right cable television service!

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